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Basic Digital Photography for Moms

Do you love taking photos of your little ones, child's sports, family or beautiful scenery?

Do you have a new camera you just haven't quite "figured out"?

This class is perfect for moms or any beginner photographer!

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What You Will Learn:

  • Proper Exposure
  • Shooting in Different Lighting Scenarios
  • Finding Good Lighting
  • Composition
  • Posing Your Subjects
  • ISO
  • Aperture
  • Shutter Speed
  • White Balance
  • Shooting in Manual Mode
  • Understanding Camera Settings
  • Shooting Indoors
  • Shooting Outdoors
  • RAW vs. JPEG
  • FMP's Easy-to-Follow Formula for Perfect Shots!

What Others Have Said:

    Teri W. - Crystal is very knowledgeable about photography and is a fantastic teacher. My mentoring session was in her studio, which is comfortable and a great learning environment. Crystal explained the basics of photography in an easy-to-understand format and took time to make sure I understood what I was learning. She even took the time to familiarize herself with my camera and taught me how to use and apply what I was learning with it. It was a very comfortable environment for me to learn and ask questions. I truly enjoyed my time learning and feel more confident with taking pictures now. If you're interested in photography and need guidance, I recommend you contact Crystal!!!

    Jeri B. - If you are looking for a photographer to mentor you, Crystal with Forever Me Photography is awesome! Working with Crystal, I was able to learn and review so much! Crystal definitely teaches at your skill level and I got so much out of her mentoring! Thank you so much, Crystal, for helping us fellow photographers out!
    Kim M. - I took a Beginner's Photography class at Forever Me Photography a couple years ago. We started out with the basics (ISO, aperture, shutter speed, lighting, etc.). From there, we learned more advanced techniques like shooting in priority modes and shooting in manual. Afterwards, we were able to take photos and practice what we were taught. Crystal taught at a speed that was easy for all of us to understand. The class was well-organized with a Power Point presentation (on a large screen) and a workbook that followed the presentation (that we were able to take home with us). I learned a lot from what I was taught in this class. It has made me a better photographer and made my love of photography much deeper. If you're wanting to learn how to be a better photographer and use your camera better, I would highly recommend this class!

What's Included:

  • 3-4 Hours of Classroom Time (allowing plenty of time for questions and individual attention)
  • 15 Page Learning Workbook (follows along with the Power Point program
  • FMP's Formula for Perfect Shots (Cheat Sheet)
  • Snacks and Beverages (we don't want you to be hungry!!!)
  • 2 Hour Photo Walk (immediately following the classroom time - this is an opportunity to practice your new skills with my being right there for guidance and direction)
  • Free membership to our private, "students only" Facebook page where the learning continues!

The Details:

Date: Saturday, August 5, 2017

Time: 9:00 a.m.

Location: Forever Me Photography - 37 E. Fort St., Farmington, IL 61531

Reservation Fee: $125/person

Important: To ensure everyone's opportunity to learn, no young children (who require supervision) are allowed. Reservation fees are due at the time of booking and are non-refundable.

What To Bring:

  1. Digital Camera
  2. Digital Camera Owner's Manual
  3. 1 Fully Charged Camera Battery
  4. 1 Memory Card
  5. Extra Lenses (if you have any)
  6. External Flash (if you have one)
  7. Batteries for the External Flash

Please Note: This is a digital camera class. Owning a digital camera is not required, but is recommended. In the event you need to borrow a digital camera for the class, we do have a couple we can loan out (on a first-come/first-served basis).